Exploring Golden State Warriors with Data Science

It is the NBA playoff season again and every team in the NBA playoffs would love to hold the Larry O'Brien Trophy in June. The most competitive team in the league right now is absolutely the Golden State Warriors. After 73 regular-season wins, are they going to win the champion in a row this year? How do we see NBA from data science point of view?


When it comes to data analytics in sports, there is always the one on one competition between pitcher and player in the baseball game. But for basketball, players move freely all over the court and that’s why we need to consider space and position as an important factor. According to the data from NBA, the data scientist can map what is the efficiency by location and what’s the percentage on each point. As for the player, you can see where’s the favorite spot and the rate of fielding goals. This kind of graphs can definitely give the coach and players insight of the rival and have the better strategy based on the information that data provided.


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nba with data science


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