Computer Vision to Find Perfect Shoe Size


How can data science, specifically computer vision, help us find the right shoe? By far, the worse part about buying a pair of brand new shoes is when you realize you have to either break them in or they didn’t fit as well as you thought they would before you bought them. New Balance teamed up with Volumental, a company with several PhDs in machine learning, have created and implemented 3D scanners that will now scan your feet in New Balance’s flagship stores: Boston, New York, and San Francisco.


FootWearNews writes in a recent article, “Although the technology behind Volumental’s scanners may be complex, the process is simple: Customers step into the 3-D foot scanner, which transfers information from their feet to a tablet within seconds. The data is then matched with the proper shoes and size for a perfect fit.” The technology used is a direct appliance of a machine learning aspect called computer vision. Usual uses for computer vision include identifying faces & nature wildlife, but this application not only specifies to a part of the body, but directly interacts & impresses those who try out the scanner in the stores.


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