300M Smartphones Capable of Machine Learning


Data science expertise and machine learning demand exploded when the world shifted gears at the presence of practical data analytical techniques. But how the data is collected is as much as a problem as how it is being executed and analyzed. Enter a solution, by those who created AI assistants: Google, Amazon, etc.

"On-board machine learning may allow tasks to be done better and faster, or with more privacy," said Deloitte in its Global Predictions 2017 report. What is profound about this way of collecting data is that not only is it always-on, always-connected, it is capable of being reliable & specific to the user who input their responses to these assistants. Examples include: user input work places to get traffic updates and estimates on departure time to as not be late.

Until there are mobile applications for dependable machine learning execution, our boot camp has a day designated to the wonders of Hadoop, Spark, and AWS, as an introduction to the most efficient ways to execute big data in the cloud. Exceed your expectations for the year by participating in our next available boot camp: now both in Irvine & Santa Monica.

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